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The art and science of Yoga has it's origins in what might be called 'pre-history'. In fact according to the Veda-s, Yoga is of divine origin. The Veda-s are a collection of teachings from India which are probably the most ancient wisdom texts in existence and noteably some of these teachings even discuss and outline more ancient teachings. This is the deeper meaning of the title Absolute, which refers to such concepts as Creation, Origin and Highest Force.

Many thousands of years ago these aspects of the Absolute became the subject matter for the exploration and meditations of men and women seeking to know and understand Life. The knowledge and understanding of these rishis evolved into many paths and ways of living which became known collectively as Yoga. A very great teacher of Yoga from Puducherry in India, Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), has written "All Life is Yoga".

Yoga practice (Sadhana) deals with human health through various branches such as Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga Asana and Pranayama and Mediation. Absolute Yoga offers students some of this vast collection of traditional teachings by means of weekly classes, day long immersions and Teacher Training Certification courses.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih

News & Events

  • New Mindfulness & Meditation Course Oct 21st in Naas - Details
  • Antaranga Yoga w/end at Lake Isle Retreats Nov 14th/16th 2014 - Details
  • Teacher training course : next module November 22nd/23rd 2014 - Learn More Here
  • Vedic Chanting classes continuing every Saturday - View classes
  • NEW VENUE for Monday evening classes : Kildare Academy of Dance, Unit 5, Monread Commercial Park (opp. Woodies).
  • Wednesday evening classes will continue to run in The Osprey, Naas.
  • Classes have returned to Carlow (St.Catherines) - new course from Oct 30th
  • Classes have returned to Killenard in The Heritage.

  • Absolute Yoga offers a wide range of classes for everyone

    Teacher training commence in April 2014, you can register your interest on our teacher training page